Refunds and Returns

All sales are final.

You are purchasing a living plant. We do not accept returns under any conditions or for any reason.

We ship live plants. What happens once they are in your care, is your responsibility.

Please read planting recommendations.

We have never sent the wrong cultivar, but have received the wrong cultivar on numerous occasions. So, it is possible for a mixup to occur. If you feel you have received a cultivar other than what you ordered, please send a picture of the blooming plant no more than one year after the plant blooms for you. We will either refund the difference in price you paid (at the time) between cultivars (if any), or send a replacement for the price of shipping.

Depending on availability, we may include bonus plants, cuttings or seeds at our sole discretion. We do not guarantee a bonus gift with your order. We do not offer replacements or refunds on any bonus plant materials for any reason or under any conditions.

If you receive a plant in damaged condition or otherwise poor condition, please photograph the plant immediately upon receiving it and send the picture to We’re sorry but we cannot offer refunds on plants that have been damaged through no fault of our own.

We do not offer refunds on unrooted cuttings under any conditions. Some plants are difficult to root. We try not to offer those plants as cuttings.

We take great care to provide you with healthy plants that are packaged properly to prevent damage during shipping, We can’t offer refunds or exchanges on plants that arrive in healthy shape and die later.

Please be mindful of when you order your plants or cuttings. We urge you NOT to order if there is cold weather in your area. We are not responsible for your weather conditions.

If your package is damaged in shipping, we will file a claim for you with the United States Postal Service.

We take great care to provide you with healthy, disease and insect-free plants. If you receive a plant that you think is diseased, please report it to us immediately by photographing the plant and emailing the pictures to Please show any part of the plant that you believe is infected.

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