Sweet Fantasie Brugmansia

Sweet Fantasie Brugmansia

What a Sweet Fantasie of a flower!

I fell head over heels in love with Sweet Fantasie this fall. I hadn’t heard of it until it was offered for sale on Facebook. I looked at some pictures. I thought, “Wow! What a lovely white double.” I like doubles. I like whites. I love brugmansias. I decided to get it. It looked like a really nice bloom. So why not?

I was not prepared for the magnificent beauty of this plant.

Sweet Fantasie has very large, very fluffy blooms. It blooms in large flushes. The blooms from my little four-foot- tall plant just blew me away. It put on a show that put older, larger plants in my garden to shame.

Until I saw the buds of Sweet Fantasie starting to open, I had pretty much ignored it. But Sweet Fantasie will not be ignored. From the first bloom, I knew it was going to take my breath away – and it did.

The blooms look like great clouds of white cotton candy. The brilliant white can be seen from far away. No matter what I was doing in the yard, once my eyes drifted to Sweet Fantasie, I had to pay her a visit.

The blooms of Sweet Fantasie tend to open all at once. Big flushes and big blooms are always a big plus in my book.

I can’t wait to see Sweet Fantasie with a little maturity in the garden next year. This plant is a creation of Monika Gottschalk in Germany. I have no idea how it got to the United States and I don’t care. I have one. I have Sweet Fantasie and I don’t care if I ever have another white brugmansia in my garden, as long as I have this one.

Neither my camera or my photography skills can do justice to Sweet Fantasie, but have a look below anyway. I think you’ll love Sweet Fantasie as much as I do.  I may need to get a better camera. But it’s not all my fault. None of the pictures I saw online do her justice either. This is just one of those brugmansias you have to see to believe.

I’m not offering cuttings or plants of sweet Fantasie yet, since it’s still a baby. But you can join my newsletter. When I do offer it. you’ll be among the first to know.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

If you ever see a Painted Lady brugmansia in full bloom, you’re not likely to forget it. She blooms in massive flushes. No brugmansia collection is complete without Painted Lady. Her large blooms are at least 12 inches long and always start out white, usually in the evening. By morning, those spotless white blooms have turned pink.

Depending on the time of year, the color can range from the palest of pinks in fall, to nearly red in the heat of summer.

Painted Lady was hybridized, grown and registered by Bonnie Vaughn in 2005.

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