A Birthday Bloom

A Birthday Bloom

This is a cross of Brugmansia Sam x Kyle’s Giant White. If I had a better camera you could see the pink edges. This beautiful brugmansia decided to bloom on my birthday. I think it’s a great birthday present to myself. With its velvety texture, this bloom reminds me of a rose.

This hybridizing experiment was actually “practice” and my second cross ever. Since the first bloom opened in fall, I’ll probably have to wait until spring for the true colors. Wouldn’t it be nice if the edges turned out to be just slightly more pink with this buttery yellow? Then it would look like a Peace Rose.

Some brugmansias bloom a lighter shade in cool weather. Some bloom a darker shade than their natural color. Some stay the same. Angel’s Moonlight is a great example. Angel’s Moonlight’s colors range from pure white to yellow to orange.


Ruffles and Flourishes X Bergkonigin

Ruffles and Flourishes X Bergkonigin

Cross: Ruffles & Flourishes X Bergkonigin
Pod Parent: Ruffles & Flourishes
Pollen Parent: Bergkonigin
Hybridizer: Elizabeth Fichtl
Seedling Parent: Sissi Wedgwood
Released: No

I am ashamed to say that I had this in the “slowpoke” section as it is two years old and hadn’t bloomed yet.

My “slowpoke” section contains mostly NOIDS that don’t require anything except what nature provides. They don’t get watered because they are planted during the rainy season and are not fed after getting a scoop of Milorganite at planting.

To be perfectly honest, this plant had to be a tough cookie to survive. I honestly didn’t expect much from it.

The bloom didn’t suffer from the heat. It didn’t collapse. It looked as fresh as a morning bloom.

The flowers are a good size – not small, but still able to stand the Florida heat.

Source: http://www.brugmansia.us/forums/index.php?/topic/28481-new-seedling-ruffles-flourishes-x-bergkonigin/

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