Meanwhile in Ponce de Leon

Got Fire Ants?

In Florida, we have Fire Ants. No getting around it. If you're a gardener, this can cause a lot of problems. If you garden in containers, the ants will eventually find their way to them. Especially after a lot of rain like we've had for the past week. Fire ant hills...

Sweet Fantasie Brugmansia

I fell head over heels in love with Sweet Fantasie this fall. I hadn’t heard of it until it was offered for sale on Facebook. I looked at some pictures. I thought, “Wow! What a lovely white double.”

A Birthday Bloom

This is a cross of Brugmansia Sam x Kyle’s Giant White. If I had a better camera you could see the pink edges. This beautiful brugmansia decided to bloom on my birthday.

Painted Lady

If you ever see a Painted Lady brugmansia in full bloom, you’re not likely to forget it. She blooms in massive flushes.

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