Planting recommendations for new brugmansia plants and cuttings

When you receive your brugmansia plant or cutting, you’re receiving a live plant. Care must be taken to ensure that it grows and thrives.

We recommend the following procedures for getting your brugmansia off to a healthy start.

Rooted plants

When you receive your plant, it should have a fair amount of roots in the cup or container it is shipped in. If it isn’t rootbound, allow it to become so.

Once rootbound, your brugmansia is ready for a slightly larger pot. ┬áIt probably isn’t ready for its permanent pot yet. I recommend a 1 gallon nursery pot – or about a 6″ pot. Nothing larger.

Once the plant has outgrown the 1 gallon size, you can safely bump it up to a 3 gallon or 5 gallon pot.


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