Upright Rosemary | Rosmarinus officinalis PREORDER Ships JUNE 2023 | 6Packs Starters plants | 4″ pot | 6″ pot


Name: Lagenbuscher Garten
Flower Form: double or more
Flower Color: Yellow

Stem Cutting – This is an unrooted cutting for those who prefer to root their brugmansias themselves. Cutting will be woody, with lenticels, or “nubbies” for easy rooting. Cutting will be at least 3/4″ in diameter and at least 8 inches long.


Rosmarinus officinalis Arp is one of the most fragrant of all herbs!

The Arp Rosemary has been introduced as an improved upright rosemary plant variety which shows better winter hardiness.

This fragrant herb tolerates a wide range of growing conditions. It grows best in soil which is light and well-drained. Water thoroughly when soil is dry. Hardy to 18 degrees. This herb variety rows to a height of 3 – 4 feet, space 2 – 3 feet apart.

A Mediterranean herb, Arp Rosemary is now widely cultivated outside of Europe. Because it is winter hardy only to about 20°F, rosemary is generally only grown as a potted plant in Wisconsin. Rosemary plants do best in bright light to full sun in well-drained soil. The soil should be kept moist, but good drainage is necessary.

Rosemary Arp plants are available in 3 sizes:
6 packs of starter Plants
4″ pots
6″ pots

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

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Weight 16 oz
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