Irish Moss and Scotch Moss | Sagina subulata 6 pack Starter Plants or 4″ Pots


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This Sagina subulata is the the golden colored moss. Please note the color of the plants you are ordering.

Irish and Scotch moss are herbaceous evergreen perennials that resemble moss. They are actually flowering plants that thrive in full sun to partial shade rather than the moist, shady conditions where true mosses are found (mosses are primitive, non-flowering plants). The common name Irish moss generally refers to plants with emerald-green leaves while Scotch moss is generally used for cultivars with gold to chartreuse foliage.

The species most commonly offered commercially is Sagina subulata, a native of western and central Europe that is hardy in zones 4-8. It is also sometimes referred to as heath pearlwort. Arenaria verna, also called moss sandwort, is also from Europe and hardy in zones 4-7. The two are virtually indistinguishable when not in bloom (the flowers of S. subulata are solitary while those of A. verna are borne in small clusters) and both have golden forms, and the names are often applied incorrectly in the horticultural trade (Both plants here are sagina subulata, but we are referring to them as Irish (Chartreuse) and Scotch Moss (Emerald Green) since these are the names with which most people are familiar).

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

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