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ZZ plant is an easy to grow succulent houseplant in the Araceae (ariod) family native to Africa. The species name means with leaves like Zamia which is an unrelated genus.

It is one of the easiest to grow low maintenance houseplants and is seen frequently in commercial interiorscapes. It will slowly reach a mature height and spread of 2 to 3 feet.

It has bulbous fleshy rhizomes that give rise to pinnately compound glossy leaves with thick petioles that store water and make it highly drought tolerant. The leaves are oval in shape and fleshy giving it a waxy appearance. The blooms are a white spadix and green spathe though they only appear on mature plant.

Plant in well-drained potting soil that is watered routinely but allowed to dry out between waterings as wet feet are not tolerated. Water it only once a month in winter months when it goes dormant upping watering to twice monthly in the summer but only if the soil has dried out completely. Use a balanced fertilizer once or twice a year. This plant can be treated in much the same way as cactus and other succulent plants. While they will grow in very low levels of light, even in areas with only fluorescent light, they do best with bright indirect sunlight. Scalding and browning of leaves can occur if the plant is placed in direct sunlight.

In some areas, it may be possible to grow this plant in a container outdoors if it is brought in once the temperature falls below 60 degrees F.

Insects, Diseases, and Other Plant Problems: No serious problems.

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

About our watermark on images: People have been taking our images and using them as their own. We do not generally wholesale plants, so the chances of you getting the same plants from another vendor is highly unlikely. If they had these plants, they could take their own pictures.

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