Pearls & Jade Pothos 4″ pots


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Stem Cuttings – These are unrooted cutting for those who prefer to root their brugmansias themselves. Cutting will be woody, with lenticels, or “nubbies” for easy rooting. Cutting will be at least 3/4″ in diameter and at least 8 inches long.


Pearls & Jade Pothos.

The overall shape and other characteristics of the plant vary from plant to plant. The leaves are thin as paper and feel like paper only in terms of their appearance and texture. The Pearls & Jade pothos can attain a maximum height of around 7.4-8.7 inches, with the size of leaves in the range of 3 inches.

Soil requirements

Similar to all pothos species, Pearls & Jade Pothos thrive in identical soil mixes.

A sound drainage system is a must-have. If the drainage isn’t good, Pearls & Jade will have a poor growth rate and health.

If you are unsure of what soil mix is best for your Pearls & Jade, you can try out the following mix.

Two portions of Sphagnum moss,
Two portions of pumice,
Four portions of coco coir,
Four portions of perlite,
Six portions of orchid bark (or pebbles).
There’s one thing you should remember. Please don’t use any regular soil as it may contain pathogens or pests. Hence, choose any high-grade potting mix.

You should ensure that while planting the plant, there are no living organisms present in the ground; otherwise, they will absorb all the nutrients from the soil.

All pothos species also have identical water requirements.

While there is not much to think about while watering the plant, you have to understand the slight difference between underwatering and overwatering, because both these can kill your pothos plants. Hence, it’s mandatory to maintain the balance.

To test, insert your finger into the soil. If it feels moist or your finger comes out covered with soil, you can skip watering the plant.

However, if it feels dry or your finger comes out dry, you should add a small quantity of water. Or you can also observe the top layer for dampness or dryness.

If pothos are getting overwatered or underwatered, you may experience the following symptoms.

Brown or black tips of the leaves,
Wilting stem,
Leaves developing dark spots,
Curling or crisper leaves, etc.
Again, all pothos, including NJoy and Pearls & Jade, have similar requirements in terms of temperature. While everyone will tell you that maintaining a minimum temperature of 50°F and a maximum of 90°F is sufficient for the plants to survive or thrive, it’s not like that always.

As per experts, the optimal breeding temperature range for all pothos is approximately 65°F to 85°F. Within this temperature range, the pothos won’t experience too much chill and heat.

Though you can plant Pearls & Jade indoors and outdoors, you should ensure that you don’t plant pothos outside during winters. Also, not under the direct influence of sunlight during summers.

Pearls & Jade have beautifully variegated leaves, so you have to take care of the lighting conditions around them.

Though they can thrive under different conditions, the more balanced the lighting conditions are, the better.

As a thumb rule, notice the color of the leaves to discern whether the pothos is receiving more light or less light.

If the leaves are vibrant and emerald green, they are getting optimal light; however, in yellow/brown/black leaves, it is receiving more than the required light.


All pothos are light feeders of fertilizers. Although you may not feel the need to add fertilizer to the soil, some quantity isn’t harmful either if it’s necessary to add.

For example, if the soil mix is unable to deliver the required nutrients to the plant, it’s better to take the help of fertilizer.

Choose an organic fertilizer with natural components and add a fixed and small quantity either once or twice a year.

For both Pearls & Jade pothos, a minimum humidity of 50-70% is necessary to avoid dryness around the plant. Also, since they belong to the tropical climate, they can better evolve in hot and humid conditions.

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

Conditional Warranty: Warranty is limited to guarantee that plants will arrive safely and in good and healthy condition, and is conditioned on Seller receiving prompt notice (within 24 hours of delivery) of any problem with the condition accompanied by photo validation.

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