Amaryllis Bulbs planted in 6″ pot


Painted Lady Angel Trumpet
Brugmansia ‘Painted Lady’
Genus: Brugmansia
Description: Foot-long blossoms are nocturnally fragrant, with blooms that start white, then turn a deep pink in warm weather. In cooler weather the blooms remain a paler shade of pink.
Characteristics: Brugmansias look fantastic in containers or in a border. The dramatic display persists from late spring until autumn. Painted Lady is a Frequent bloomer that shrugs off the heat with repeated flushes. Just feed her well and she’ll keep producing until frost!



These are large, blooming size bulbs that are planted in 6″ pots for shipping.

Amaryllis can also be planted in the garden in USDA Temperate Zones 8b- 10. Further north, they can be lifted in winter and stored in a dry, cool area, such as a basement. They can also be planted in pots and moved to a warm place in winter.

When planting outside: Amaryllis bulbs need to be planted in an area where they will receive full sun. They can grow in areas of light shade, but in full sun you can expect them to develop stronger stems and more flowers.

You will receive instructions for forcing for winter bloom, as well as planting outside or in containers.

Choose from:
Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Double King’
A beautiful deep red Amaryllis with extra large, double flowers. Double King is guaranteed to steal the show. Perfect for the Holiday Season.

Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Alasca’
Alasca is a pure white double with a green throat. Grown in Peru, Alasca will bloom in approximately 5-6 weeks if kept at a warm temperature above 72 degrees.

Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Amadeus’
Stunning, double white flowers have hot pink tips on every petal, and lightly ruffled petal edges. ‘Amadeus’ makes a lovely, living plant centerpiece around the holidays.

Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Blossom Peacock’
Blossom Peacock Double Amaryllis is a stunning beauty, double white petals with red edging.

Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Cape Horn’
Cape Horn is a large flowering rosy pink variety with a white center. Perfect for Christmas forcing, Cape Horn will bloom in about six weeks if kept consistently warm.

Amaryllis Peruvian ‘Cherry Blossom’
Cherry Blossom amaryllis features large white blooms brushed with pink on the upper petals. It typically grows 2 stems with 4-6 blooms per stem.‚Ä®

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Weight 16 oz
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