Alocasia Bambino is another one of the best ornamental species in the Alocasia genus. It has gorgeous arrowhead green leaves that are purple underneath and have a bright, stylish venation on the surface. They’re beautiful, elegant, and incredibly easy to maintain indoors.

Alocasia plants are the easiest plants to grow, and Alocasia Amazonica Bambino is nothing less than the perfect option for a beginner. If you’re considering getting this plant for your collection, make sure you learn more about it before bringing it home.

Family: Araceae
Subfamily: Aroideae
Genus: Alocasia
About the Genus Alocasia
Alocasia plants are a collection of tuberous or rhizomatous perennial plants that are flowering in nature. There are 79 recorded species of Alocasia plants, all of them belonging to tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Typically, an Alocasia plant has sagittate or cordate leaves that grow up to 20 to 90 cm in length. These leaves grow on long flowering petioles that bloom during the spring and summer seasons. However, their flowers are insignificant, and this genus’ foliage remains the primary feature of attraction.

Common Names and Synonyms
Jewel Alocasia
Alocasia Bambino Arrow
Bambino Arrow
Origin and Distribution
Even though Alocasia plants are generally found worldwide in tropical and subtropical areas, they are particularly saturated in Asia and East Australia.

Alocasia Bambino Arrow plants are typically native to Southeast Asia.

Alocasia Bambino Plant Features

The leaves of an Alocasia Bambino plant are a beautiful shade of dark green with bright venation. Plus, they’re purple on the underside! The foliage is narrow and tallish.

The evergreen Bambino Arrow plant is not only beautiful but also displays green leaves throughout the year. The passing seasons do not affect it and its foliage remains healthy, vibrant looking without losing any of its color or shape

The Alocasia Bambino is a small, but interesting plant. It can grow up to 15 inches tall and has the potential for growth that would make it perfect as an ornamental addition in your home!

Although not as much a fan of cold weather, Bambino still prefers warmer temperatures. He is sensitive to lower than average highs and lows in his environment which makes him an easier plant for those with more moderate growing zones or just grow as a houseplant!

The rule of temperatures and humidity levels for tropical plants is very different from those in colder climates like Europe or North America. In higher-humidity areas such as Florida, TN (or California), Bambino thrives near showers or mists so that he doesn’t mind if you mist him regularly! However with lower humidities near our southern states’ borders where dry conditions are common during summer months – this plant must be prepared because without enough water it will not do well at all.

The most common problems with Bambinos are mealy bugs, spider mites and leaf spot. Leaf rot can also affect the plant but it’s easily preventable by following these precautions: keep your bambino foliage clean; make sure to water regularly (even if you don’t see any moisture in sight!)-and wipe off excess dirt once each week using alcohol or neem oil.

Generally, Alocasia plants are fast-growing. If given the right conditions, they will develop into mature plants reasonably quickly.

As beautiful as these are, all Alocasia plants are toxic. They are harmful if ingested and can cause mild to severe irritation of the skin and the eyes. Make sure you keep the Bambino away from children and pets.

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